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About the Foundation

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Executive Summary of the Steven Prewitt Skull Base Disease Foundation

SPSBDF is a 501(c)3 organization serving as a resource for patients, families, survivors and medical professionals, by providing an information repository (resource), support groups, resource management, surgical skills development, international presence and case management specific to diseases of the head and neck. The foundation provides these services to active patients and survivors, their family and friends, and medical professionals. The foundation accomplishes these goals by way of a robust website that integrates disease and disease management information alongside a clinical collaboration platform for medical professionals seeking disease management collaboration with other medical professionals globally. Additionally, the foundation sets out to establish a surgical skills laboratory backed by a international fellowship program to teach physicians advanced minimally invasive techniques for treating head and neck diseases.

What makes the SPSBDF unique is that there is no other foundation focused on the broad spectrum of conditions as related to diseases of the head and neck, with the focus of not only serving patients, survivors, friends and family but medical professionals as well. Typically foundations of this type tend to focus on a small subset of diseases and approach the matter by way of either the patient or physician, rarely both. The real opportunity of the SPSBDF is that the foundation, through its broad spectrum of areas covered and its integrated physician/doctor model can ultimately create an impact that can save the lives of patients by reducing the number of steps and false starts in diagnosis, treatment and cure of head and neck diseases.

Keys to success are the foundations leadership team. SPSBDF's leadership consists of medical professionals that have been recognized for their contributions to the treatment and management of Head and Neck diseases. In addition to the medical expertise the board also consists of top level executives with critical understanding on non-profit organizations, money management, marketing, business development, and other core areas necessary for successful operations and delivery systems to achieve the Mission and Vision of the foundation.