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Foundation History

Steven Prewitt at Classic Car Show

The genesis of the SPSBDF was from the experience its founder, Steven Prewitt, had after being diagnosed with a disease of the head and neck, more specifically the "Skull Base".

As a newly diagnosed patient, Steven Prewitt was overcome with more questions than answers and the realization that for diseases of the head and neck, no such resource existed like that of other highly publicized diseases with an overabundance of information and resources.

The Mission of the foundation was conceived from this realization and experience that patients with a head and neck disease need one place to go to be their "personal advocate" that can answer questions via website and even talking to a real person for both patients as well as doctors, and that provides a central repository of information to benefit a patients education, treatment, and cure.

From his experience and interactions with top medical providers treating head and neck diseases, Steven Prewitt assembled a board of directors and set out to create a "Central clearing house" for patients and doctors that could help thousands to millions of people both nationally and internationally over the years.